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Rapid medical response

Private ambulance services

Medical Transportation - In the event of you or your family being involved in a medical emergency, we will arrange and coordinate the most appropriate method of emergency medical transportation, to the nearest medical facility capable of providing adequate care. We contract to the largest most professional private road and air ambulances in Southern Africa. Transportation is despatched and co-ordinated to whichever service provider is closest to the patient. If deemed life-threatening and time is critical, it may even be decided by the EMT to utilise a helicopter (e.g. between towns and traffic is jammed).

This Includes RMR - we will assist with the necessary formalities involved in transporting a loved one's mortal remains to a location in your home town.  Assistance will also be provided to obtain the death certificate, pathologists and prepare documentation to move the remains cross-border.

Trauma Assistance – These services assist members when they require assistance as result of their involvement in a traumatic event. Telephonic and face-to-face counselling (loss of a loved one, accident, robbery or hijacking etc…) HIV Protection & Advice - provides cover for accidental exposures to the HIV/AIDS virus as a result of occupational injuries, rape, needle stick, motor vehicle and train accidents, and assaults. Wellness lines – Customised to suit any demographic audience. Mother and Baby wellness (what to do or what medicine/vitamin to give a baby at 4 months old. Cancer wellness – best eating practices and potentially what physical exercises they could partake in.Best Vitamin on the market for a Epileptic Homeopathic stockist 

Sea Rescue services
Private ambulance services
Emergency medical services
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