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When you're stuck on the road...

Services include:
Life happens. On the road.

We understand that the petrol guage is sometimes faulty - it wasn't


your fault....


Also, locking your keys in your car. Who designs cars that do these


silly things??


We will send out emergency petrol when you're stuck (petrol for your


pocket though).


We will also send out a mobile locksmith when you've locked your


keys in your car. (exclusions are lost or damaged keys though... :-(  )

Nothing is worse than a broken down car.

With your family miserable and your spouse moaning at you because


the car croaked.....


Don't worry, we'll hop along smartly with a tow truck to get you to the


nearest approved dealer or competent repairer. The towing distance


is limited to 40kms, thereafter there is a cost per km.

Should it be required, Digicall will arrange for the safe storage of the


vehicle overnight or for the weekend. The next working day the


vehicle will then be relocated to the nearest approved dealer or


competent repairer.


(Where the cause of the problem is a mechanical or electrical break down)

Sometimes things just go flat.

Be it a flat battery or flat tyre, we're just a phone call away. We will


dispatch a team to get you back on the road again. Changing tyres or


jump-starting your's all part of the PROTEKTOR service


(with a smile)

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