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Here to help you with the smallest things that make the biggest difference

At Protektor, we understand that not everybody is technically capable to make their own emergency repairs. Worst of all when things go wrong it's almost never planned is it? Forget about budgeting for these emergency events in these tough times! We will despatch qualified and properly vetted tradesmen to help you deal with your home emergency.


The CALLOUT is FREE, PLUS the 1st Hour's labour. You only pay for parts and additional labour time!

Please note this is NOT a "handyman" service.

What constitutes a home emergency?

A home emergency is any sudden, unexpected event at your home. These are events that require the immediate and/or urgent service of a plumber, electrician, glazier, or locksmith to ensure the safety of the occupants at your home or to limit/minimise further damage to your home. 

Maximum 2 callouts per year per household (or R3000)

Emergency roof repairs
Emergency plumbing services
Emergency electrical services
Emergency locksmith services
Emergency tree felling services
Emergency geyser repairs
Emergency glass repairs
Emergency paving repairs
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